HP Latex 310, 330, 360 Service Maintenance Kit 3

Resolve the warning message ‘Maintenance #3 required. Contact Support’ on your HP Latex 310 / 330 / 360 Printer.

Get a free, no obligation, quotation for HP Latex 310 / 330 / 360 Service Maintenance Kit 3 along with labour costs for on-site fitting/service.

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This message means that some components are nearing the end of their lives. It is highly recommended to book a service engineer to replace the HP Latex 310, 330, 360 Service Maintenance Kit 3. The service engineer can then replace the worn parts on-site, which will prolong the life of the printer.

The benefits of arranging a service engineer’s visit when these messages appear on the front panel are two-fold:

  • The printer components can be replaced at a time that is convenient for you, and so will not disturb your daily workflow.

  • During a service maintenance visit, the service engineer replaces several parts at once. This eliminates the need for repeat visits.

HP Latex 310, 330, 360 – Service Maintenance Kit #3 (B4H70-67105)


  • Line sensor
  • Pressure sensor & tube
  • Oiler + Lubricant bottle
  • Carriage felts
  • UCP (Under Carriage Protector)
  • Spit roller motor


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We have been providing HP Latex Printer repairs and services since the launch of the first generation HP Designjet L25500 including  on-site emergency repairs, routine servicing and installation of Service Maintenance Kits. We also support ONYX RIP Software which is the most common software used to ‘drive’ the HP Latex Printer range.

Simply get it in touch with us to speak to a HP Latex Printer Service Technician about your requirements. The more info the better, so don’t forget to make a note of any error codes or messages or take a photo of any image-quality issues. Once we have all the information we can provide you with an initial diagnosis and a quotation for repair.


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